Charlie (moclamkuhc15) wrote,

ok, so their has been some discontent with the new band directors. he pretty much told the flutes that they suck. and Mr duboisse (or whatever his name is) decided to teach me a lesson in being a stiff. Jamie and i tend to goof off a little bit in band but not enough to distract from the class because we have relatively professional attitudes about band.(we have done this 3 years now) so today we were in between playing and as a playful antic i fake wiped my hand on the side of jamies face because were goofey like that, not saying a word mind you. and Mr D says to me "did get whatever was on your hand off?", in response i said "yes i did". and he responds with "good maybe now your fingers will be able to play the right notes".

Im sorry maybe its just me but that is completely unprofessional and rude to say that to anyone let alone ONE OF YOUR STUDENTS!. What he should have done was ignored what i did and continued on with class. If is purpose was to show that i should mess around in class because their is limited time then it failed, he took up more time to insulting me then i did by silently messing with jamie. Im not going to say much else because there is always a chance that this gets back to him. and honestly if it does. good he needs to know how uncalled for that was and how un provokingly rude he is being to everyone.

*this is just me voicing my opinion on a matter that i feel is important
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