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8/29/07 08:59 pm

guess who is art club President

I AM!!!!!! yaya

and kim is my sexy secretary ;)

8/28/07 08:16 pm

am a mess.

8/27/07 05:29 pm

ok, ready to graduate

8/20/07 09:03 pm

school is most definatly going to kill me

8/18/07 10:59 pm - asdfasf

insert sentimental reminiscent last night of summer post here.....

8/16/07 04:14 pm

what a day...
wake up late.
get pulled over.
almost run out of gas.
what a great day at the beach :)

now for work :/

8/15/07 02:13 pm - Schoool

So i am ready for school to start.
and here is my final schedule

sem. 1

1- portfolio II
2- aid for miller
3- DE govt
4- band
5- Ap Studio art II
6- DE Comp I
7- Ap Bio

sem. 2

1- portfolio II
2- AP Micro Economics
3- Drawing III / Ap Drawing
4- Band
5- Ap Studio art II
6- DE Comp II
7- Ap Bio


8/13/07 11:47 pm - Summer time antics

Summer time stuffCollapse )

8/10/07 09:23 am

so i saw this statue of gandhi, right? and they made him all skinny and he had these saggy man boobs even on the statue, i mean wtf, the least they could do for the guy is make him a stud. come on he pretty much defeted the whole british army in india with his skills.

8/9/07 12:37 am

ok so i beleive in waiter carma....
today at ihop we left like a dollar tip on a $27 check..... and sure enough the waiter carma got me tonight with a 15 top 20 min before we close and i shitty tip off them....thats why i always tip well and why you should tip well all the time... because you never know when your gonna need good tips

shit son....
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